Stop Paying Processing Fees!

You are tired of paying interchange fees?
Want to save money?
With our transparent pricing and monthly statements, always know what you’re paying and why.

Benefits of Crypto Payments:

  • Get Rid of Monthly Processing Fees.
  • Keep up To 100% of Your Revenue.
  • Comply with all Regulations.
  • Increase Your Margins.
  • Very Easy to Set Up
  • No Hidden Fees

Customers who can benefit from Crypto saving

  • Takeout / Delivery
  • Relocation services
  • Pool maintenance
  • Kiosks
  • Tours & Guides
  • Bike,scooter rentals
  • Snowboard & ski rentals
  • Ticket Processors
  • Car washes
  • Fairs & shows
  • Food carts
  • Car rentals


Bye-bye fees

With our software, all the processing fees will be incorporated into the sale and small service fee is passed on to the Merchant

Crypto is King

Even better, your customers are rewarded for paying with Crypto and can get discount.

A Bigger Slice

You, the business owner, get 100% of the sale and at the end of the month, your processing fees will be Zero!

Signs of the Times!

Point-of-purchase pricing and discount signage clearly spell out the process to customers.